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Sufi Maintains a Total Quality Management (TQM) system in all stages of production. It is a effective tool to measure continues quality improvement. TQM ensures complete quality control, quality assurance, quality planning, statistical process control and feedback. We follow international quality control standards at all stages of production from testing of basic raw material to the Certification of final products.

  • Careful selection of basic raw material
  • Chemical analysis of steel scrap used for re-melting in Induction Furnace
  • Chemical analysis of hot material samples
  • Chemical analysis and physical properties of Billet
  • Grading of material according to standards
  • Cutting of billet according to sizes, dimension and length of final product
  • Re-Heating furnace temperature check
  • Check of size and gauge at final stage
  • Final chemical and physical properties of finished product

Chemical Testing Laboratory

Sufi fully equipped with Modern/ Latest equipments for prompt testing and reporting. Optical Spectrometer, Portable Spectrometer is available to report analysis on the spot. All these equipments help us to determine accurate and precise measurement and chemical properties of steel. These also help to deduct extremely low level of gaseous element in the steel readily.

Physical Testing Laboratory

Equipped with Universal tensile Testing Machine up to 50 Ton capacities. Yield elongation, Bend, hardness test are performed on routine basis to ensure that only quality products are delivered to customers.

Metalographic Laboratory

Non-destructive techniques such as metallurgical microscope is used to perform and check the:

  • Cleanliness level of material and finished products
  • Surface Defects
  • Grain size
  • Metallic grain microstructure analysis

Environment, Health and Workers Safety

Sufi Steel is working in a healthy, safe and environmentally responsible manner. We are committed to:

  • Comply with applicable statutory and other requirements
  • Adopt Programs for prevention of pollution, improving health, safety performance, resource conversation and waste reduction
  • Continual improvement in our environmental and occupation health and safety performance through efficient systems and procedure
  • We encourage teamwork, co-operation, education and training of all our people to fulfill our commitment to environment

We believe that care for environment is essential both in term of our social responsibilities and ensures the continuity of our business.

Human Resources Policy

Sufi Steel recognizes that its employees are the primary source of its competitiveness. We are committed to equal employment opportunities for attracting best talent and ensuring a complaint workforce. We believe in transparency, fairness and equality in all its dealing with its employees.

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